Recipes from Family and Friends

Mom's Recipes

Old-Fashioned Banana Cake -- Helen
Banana Bread -- Helen
Doughnuts -- Irene
Fruit Bars -- Sibyl
Last of the Garden Relish -- Sibyl
MarshMal-O Fudge -- Sibyl
Pound Cake -- Sibyl
Sweet Dill Pickles -- Lucy Edda
Tea Cakes -- Sibyl
Zucchini Bread -- Sibyl
Bread and Butter Pickles -- Sibyl

From Val's Collection

Audrey's Slaw (PDF) -- Audrey
Candy Roaster Squash Pie -- Ronnie
Caramel Coated Popcorn -- Brenda N.
Chocolate Chess Pie (PDF) -- Liz
Coconut Cake and Frosting (PDF) -- Sibyl
Congo Squares (PDF) -- Gail
Chocolate Pound Cake and Frosting -- Irene
Derby Pie (PDF) -- Janet
Pepper Relish -- Louise